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About Us

At Meridian Rise Ventures, our purpose is to unlock untapped potential. We see ourselves as steadfast allies to entrepreneurs at every phase — from start-up to public offering.

The visionaries we support have the foresight to create what was previously unimaginable. They’re keenly aware of possible pitfalls, yet remain fervently focused on the potential upsides. Fueled by purpose, they embrace intellectual integrity and are continuous learners. Their unmatched drive, courage, and resilience set them apart. They never waver in their commitment. Moreover, their innate leadership galvanises others to embark on their transformative quests.

Having firsthand experience of the entrepreneurial path, we deeply resonate with its challenges and triumphs. We’re passionate about collaborating early on, and assisting entrepreneurs in establishing impactful and valuable enterprises. Our passion for our work is evident, and we’re perpetually on the hunt for the next ensemble of extraordinary potential.

Investment Strategy

At Meridian Rise Ventures, our foundational principle is the discovery and cultivation of global potential. Drawing inspiration from a rich mosaic of international insights, including the precision of Swiss practices and the dynamism of emerging markets like Dubai, our strategy is uniquely positioned to deliver both growth and resilience.

Originating with a robust financial foundation, we’ve since evolved into a venture capital institution revered for its discerning investment choices. This transformation was not only a testament to our past but indicative of our forward-looking vision and commitment to value creation. Our reputation for excellence has attracted a diverse array of Limited Partners who share our ethos and trust in our approach.

Central to our investment philosophy is identifying companies that manifest two pivotal attributes: the capacity for international scaling and a forward-thinking vision that pushes boundaries. We’re steadfast in our commitment to the core tenets of diligence and precision, but equally passionate about exploring the myriad opportunities the global business landscape presents.

Our strategy is thus two-fold:

1. Precision Investing: Leveraging rigorous analytical tools and methodologies, we ensure our investments are both sound and sustainable, reflecting the best of Swiss precision.

2. Global Scalability: With a keen eye on emerging markets and industries, we actively seek out ventures that show not only promise but the potential to redefine their sectors on an international stage.

Together, we journey towards a future where value, vision, and venture converge, creating unparalleled opportunities for growth and impact.

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